Help make a valuable difference in your community today by supporting families in need! These families are lost in the perilous system of mass incarceration with little to no support!


CPR Case coordinator - Now Hiring 2022

Volunteer Case Coordinator

Help coordinate and align citizens in dire need with the resources, advice, and support they need!


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About the NIA

About The NIA

Breaking Cycles of Failure

The National Incarceration Association was created out of a need that is profound amongst the families and loved ones of the incarcerated. The NIA will provide the necessary support that currently does not exist for our community. Our job is to assure our members (i.e. family members, loved ones and advocates) have current resources, swift action on emergency needs and a voice in the world that will not stigmatize us.


The NIA, Inc. will provide the community of families, loved ones and advocates for the incarcerated safe, reliable resources to help them during this difficult journey. We will also allow for open and honest communication free from fear for the safety of our loved ones in order to address changes that are necessary to provide them with their basic human rights.